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Thread: Mage/War any server

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    Default Mage/War any server

    I have a level 60 mage heals/dps or a 60 warrior dps . I am returning player for 3.0 after leaving for wildstar for a bit.

    I am after a guild that is any time time frame between 330 am st - 4 pm server due to work schedual.

    I am willing to transfer .. please be active and able to field or close to a 20 man roster.

    Contact me via here I check it daily.


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    We are planning on our dedicated raid team time from 6-8pm server. Our casual raid team time will be 3-5 server and we are still working on the time for another day.

    If you find these times may work for you in the future, please let me know.
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    Hey there
    Rise of the forgotten Looking for some solid raiders for 3.0
    If you are available 3am-6am Server Time then pst me Keev@Laethys or apply on our website
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