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Thread: Warrior 3.0 ready looking for guild

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    Default Warrior 3.0 ready looking for guild

    warrior with plenty exp in raiding in rift and other games , full t1 , full t2 , 2/4 minis , 2/4 dragons , looking for a guild preparing for 3.0 feel free to post over here or to pm here to leiinhart@geybriar.
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    Our dedicated raid teams will be raiding 6-8 server.
    Our casual raid team will be raiding Saturday 3-5 server and another time and date to be decided.

    Grievance is a multi-gaming community of adults 18+. We are a social and family-oriented guild. We welcome new and veteran players of any level to join us in raiding, rifting, pvp'ing and dungeon runs. Our membership ranges from casual players to dedicated raiders. The guild level is 25, we have a large guild dimension and use Team Speak for voice communication.
    While we have members who play at all hours of the day, our members are most active during the evening US hours. Some evenings we have had well over 60 people online at a time. Everyone is very friendly and helpful here in Grievance. We also firmly believe that real life comes first.

    We have taken a hiatus from organized raiding until approximately three weeks after 3.0 launches. This will allow members to focus on leveling up with the new content.
    We are planning on having two focused dedicated raid teams, along with a casual raid team.
    Our dedicated teams will be made up of raider ranked members. Our casual team will allow any member or recruit to raid.

    Planned 3.0 Raiding Schedule:

    Team Cinder--Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 6pm-8pm server time
    Team Storm--Thursday, Friday and Sunday 6pm-8pm server time
    Casual raid team--Saturday 3pm-5pm server and another day to determined still

    Until we resume organized raiding, we are still planning on guild activities.

    Wednesday--focused zone events
    Friday--Nightmare Rifts
    Saturday-- focused dungeon runs

    If you are looking for a low-drama, family-like guild, Grievance is the home for you. Find me in game-Karmell@Wolfsbane or send me a PM here.
    Grievance Rift
    Embassy Leader

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