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Thread: New guild, <LaFamilia> is Recruiting. With a pretty Special main focus..

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    Default New guild, <LaFamilia> is Recruiting. With a pretty Special main focus..

    Hey there.

    Im Elaiz. Im a level 60 Rogue on Zaviel, who enjoy PVP alot but also do raids from time to time.

    I've recently created a guild called <LaFamilia>. Don't get mistaken, It's not a spanish guild.
    It has suprisingly going better than I ever could imagine. Just one problem..

    Let me first make it clear, If you're Only Searching for a Hardcore Elite Raid Guild.
    Then you can leave now, I don't want to waste your time, Good luck trying to find what you're looking for.

    But what is our main focus?

    That's a great question with an even better answer.
    As you may now, RIFTs playerbase isn't that high or atleast not that high that it deserves to be, If you are denying this fact, Then you're not mature enough to face the truth..
    What is the main source for RIFT to get a higher playerbase?
    in my opinion it's New players.

    That's what my Guild is mainly focused on, To get more new players and make everything possible so they dont quit.
    To be honest it's not hard at all to recruit new players, I've just have go to like Silverwood (Guardian)
    with some nice gear and my finest mount, and tell them what our guild does and they join directly.
    But it's really a pain to recruit MENTORS and that's what I need.
    When I try to Recruit other mentors ingame, all i get it's "Sorry Im looking for a raid group"
    Sorry if it took so long to say that, it just feels like I have so much to say before people will start to understand me. Right now Im a mentor with one more friend, for atleast 25+ new players, and I love it, but I really would like some more mentors, If you're level 60 and played RIFT for a while and are a pretty experienced player, then i need you.
    You don't know how hard it is for new players to actually, be a player, and not a newbie.
    For example,
    • The mount price is a little bit too high
    • You can easily lose track of the questline and then you'll probably quit.
    • The quests aren't really that "Fun" for a new player.
    • The soul system can be really complicated
    • The crafting system can be really complicated
    Now remember, See theese statements from a completely new players perspective.
    Then you might realize that some people might just leave RIFT for an another MMO.
    And I know what some of you may say and that is that other mmos also got theese problems (Or not even see it as a problem) and I agree, if you compare to WoW for example, you don't get a mount, until level 20! But wow got something that makes new players continue to play, That is a high playerbase. so people know that it's worth it to stay because alot of players is playing or maybe they got friends that play etc..

    Summary: I need Mentors to help all the new players, with theirs questions etc.

    So if you have any questions or statements just type them here or ingame "Elaiz@Zaviel" and I hope that atleast some of you read it all, and understand it and would like to Cooperate with me, For the fight to get a higher playerbase. If not I want you to ask yourself this question

    What will happen if the new players stop comming?


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    Default Buuuuuuump


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