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    NEXUS is a Well Organized Hardcore PvE/PvP guild on Monster-WoW. We are aiming to make it a platform for high-end Players. We are gathering such players to do efficient and excellent raids every week, English only in Guild Chat.

    <<Applications On Website>>

    Website Link: http://nexus-rift-typhiria.guildlaunch.com/forums/index.php?gid=427697
    Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1534574533445321/

    Team Speak Channel : Ask in inbox or ingame

    Guild rules:
    -> Use only English in the guild chat.
    -> Do not spam in the guild chat. If you don't get a response in guild chat wait a while and try again. -> Don't flood it with same message over and over.
    -> Treat other players with respect. Also, respect the decisions made by an officer/guild leader.
    -> Speak to others as you would want them to speak to you.
    -> Do not argue with the members of the guild. If you have some unresolved issues, try to resolve it in whisper; ask an officer that isn't involved to help if necessary. If you have a problem with an officer -> please see a Guild Leader. If the problem is with the guild leader, send them a message and have a talk about it.
    -> Be generous with your time, money, materials, etc., if you can afford to. Helping a guildie increase his skills, abilities, and combat worthiness makes us all stronger.
    -> Guild members are to always positively represent the guild. Professional behaviour reflects well on the guild, terrible behaviour reflects badly, and a bad reputation spreads faster than a good one.
    -> No Cheating, Hacking, or Exploiting. If anyone is found to be in breach of any game policies you will be removed from the Guild. No second chance.
    -> No Alts allowed for Recruits.
    -> Keep the Guilt Vault clean, which means not using it to get rid of stuff that nobody will actually use. And placing the items in the right section.

    Raid rules:
    -> Use only English in the raid chat
    -> Respect the decisions made by the raid leaders or their assistants, and listen carefully what they have to say.
    -> 10 man Normal raids can be lead by any guild member. People have to get permission from officers to make Heroic or exp. Raiders can make.
    -> From now on, only Expert raiders can host 25man pugs, and even then it would be advisable to ask any Officers to join that pug.
    -> Do not argue in raids, and blame each other for mistakes, or wipes. Some things can be said in a nice way. Wiping or mistakes are the way people learn tactics, and there is not point in blaming and making someone feel bad because of it.
    -> In main raids join only on your main toons, do not join on alts, unless the raid leader asks you otherwise for the good of the raid.
    -> Be patient while raid is being made. Do not spam the raid leaders chat, in this case whisper, or any other chat.
    -> No AKF'ing in the raids. AFK's may be requested by simply asking. We all have real lives with real things going on in the background. Just make sure to tell the Raid Leader, but even then it should be avoided whenever possible.
    -> No ninja pulling. Doing this constantly it can result with the raid leader getting your DKP taken away.
    -> Do not be greedy.
    -> Do NOT make any raid when there is another one being made. If you wish to make it, ask any officer or guild leader whether you can. If the raid leader asks you for help, and you are in some pug raid, or a raid which is not that important, then you need to log some character, and help out.

    And most importantly: have fun and treat your fellow players with respect and kindness! Thank you all for reading this.

    Copyright by Iceflex

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    bumb ,refresing

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