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Thread: Warrior looking for weekend raiding guild

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    Default Warrior looking for weekend raiding guild

    Hi there,

    I love to play my class to its full potential under the constraints of current gear. I love the challenge and teamwork that comes with raiding, and want to be a part of your team in 3.0.

    Due to my schedule week to week, I can only consistently raid on weekends.

    My preferred role is as heals/support, but I will also DPS and (depending how 3.0 pans out) tank if need be. I'm currently on deepwood server, but I'll transfer to whatever server the guild is on.

    Please contact me here with any questions. Thank you for your time.

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    <GODS> is a lvl 21 guild based in Typhiria that raids on weekends mostly.
    We are working on guild progression. (unfortunally a lot of ppl vanished after ArchAge was lunched). Our Core Raiders raid mostly on Weekends and we welcome everyone who wishes to join and who can pull theyr own weight individually and as a team.
    Currently our progress is IDH, TOTDQ, FT 3/4, GA 1/4.

    Hope to hear from you.

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