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Thread: 60 Rogue Looking for guild

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    Default 60 Rogue Looking for guild

    I am a fresh 60 Rogue, I have been back playing for a little over a month now.
    I can play all the rogue roles well other than range DPS( I have never liked ranged DPS in any game I play so I just didnt play it) I used the tank spec a little seemed very similar to my Shadow tank in Swtor so I could pick that up fast. Right now I solo as either a bard or assassin depending on the situation, and grp as a bard, healer or DPS depending on the role needed I am very flexible to getting the objective done.

    What I am looking for is a adult guild (and not a squeaky clean one) that I can continue to move my character and gaming forward with. I don't expect to raid right away I know I have to walk before I run. I would also prefer a guild with voice chat that uses it for other than raiding to hang other I BS with.

    I am on CTS and play most every night from 7pm-2am
    Sean (Xyin)

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    Hi Sean.
    We are a 18+ guild. We do like to keep our main lounge PG but we do have mature channels. We use teamspeak for voice chat. At the moment we are gearing up for 3.0. We plan on having multiple raid teams after the expansion.
    We have had up to 60 members online at a time.
    If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to send me a message, Karmell@Wolfsbane or PM me here.
    Grievance Rift
    Embassy Leader

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    Hello Xyin,

    TKagi Ro of Greybriar may be a good fit for you and we are currently recruiting for 3.0. Our current raid times are 8 to 11 PM Eastern and I believe that coincides with your play times. We do generally hang out on our Mumble server outside of raid times. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in-game at Savik@Greybriar or visit our website.

    Good luck in your guild search
    Savik of Greybriar
    Guild Leader, TKagi Ro (Level 30)
    3/3 BoS

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