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Thread: Looking For Guild

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    Default Looking For Guild

    I play mostly during the hours of (10pm - 12 am) until (3am - 5 am) US Server time. I have multiple level 60's all capable of performing t1 and t2 content and am able to perform close to every role they are capable of providing. I'm a long time experienced raider from World of Warcraft that migrated here and just haven't found a home that'll let me continue my progression in the game.

    Mage: Tetallia Roles: Tank, DPS AoE, DPS ST, Heals, Pyrochon.

    Tank Role: 500 toughness 500 hit. 79k raid buffed HP
    DPS and Heals: 559 Hit.
    20k - 25k dps single target raid buffed
    AoE capable

    Rogue: Vallasaria Roles: Tank, DPS AoE, DPS ST (ranged and melee), Bard, Heals.

    Tank Role: 49k hp raid buffed. 400 hit 400 toughness
    DPS and Heals: 496 Hit.
    DPS 16-18k dps ST melee
    DPS 13-15k dps ST ranged
    AoE Capable

    Warrior: Bellonas Roles: Tank, DPS ST, Heals

    Tank Role: 75k hp Raid Buffed 500 toughness, 500 hit.
    DPS and Heals: 476 Hit
    DPS Unknown
    Not AoE Capable.

    Cleric: Ravenas Roles: DPS ST, DPS AoE, Heals (Purifier Sentinel Defiler)

    DPS and Heals 436 Hit.
    DPS ST: 14k-16K ranged 13k-15k melee
    AoE Capable.

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    Hi there! <Face Down Rift Up> has some late night players during the week. We are an adult oriented guild who raids on Saturdays at 1pm PST currently. We're currently looking to expand our current raid and build an additional 10 man in the process. You can find me Humula @Deepwood, or look for Kokoberry or Zeisos.

    You and I have similar experiences, it sounds like. I've been raiding WoW for years and only recently transitioned to Rift.

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    Hey, Nefarious are opening up recruitment for 3.0 I am not 100% sure if our raid times suit, but we raid from 3:30AM ST to 6:30AM ST on Thursday Sunday and Monday (mornings) with the change of daylight savings in a couple of weeks this will change to 1:30AM ST to 4:30AM ST. If these times suit you please send me a tell at Loisgriffin@Laethys or check out our website at www.nefariousrift.enjin.com


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