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Thread: <The Really Bad Touch> is looking for some epic people!

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    Default <The Really Bad Touch> is looking for some epic people!


    <The Really Bad Touch>

    We are a semi-casual raiding guild. Main goal is raiding, although there is a lot of non-raid goofing off. Currently looking for a few more people to fill our core raid group and have a great time with.

    Raid Info!

    We only raid Saturdays. Starting 1pm server. Normally start with the T1 10's and move to T1 20's.
    Currently need more people for T2.

    We have a handful of T2/T3 players and a handful of those new to raiding. We accept any type of raider. Our only requirement is that you keep trying to improve.

    Teamspeak3 is required for raids. Current loot system for T1 is open rolls. Loot system for T2 is to be determined.

    Current raid progression is not available at this time. We just split from our former guild, majority of our T1 players have 7/9. Our leads, officers, ect, all have 9/9.

    Weeee Neeeddd....

    Warrior: High!
    Mage: Medium
    Rogue: Low
    Cleric: Low

    You Neeeddd....

    A sense of humor
    *T2 requirements coming soon

    Who to contact!
    Kokoberry (also Sparkleberry, Electricberry)
    Marquize (also Zeisos)
    (or just use guildfinder/forums)

    Oneee more thing...
    We are also in Archeage! RAWR!

    Sooo... Whatcha waitin for?

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