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Thread: looking for raid focused guild

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    Default looking for raid focused guild

    I'm a long time wow raider and have grown tired of wow and looking for a change. I started rift a few months back and have already cleared tier 1. I'm having trouble finding a guild that is as raid focused as me. It's either way to elitist and advanced and not willing to take low geared people despite having talent (which i understand even if it sucks). Or they're people who don't care for raiding and do it on occasion. I'm looking for a good guild that's recruiting and willing to teach a very quick study. I main a cleric and can perform two healing roles and two dps roles at raid level. I'm on wolfsbane but will transfer if i find a good fit!
    Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing what's out there!

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    Just sent you a message. I hope you consider us.

    Have fun!

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    We are currently raiding T1 and T2 content, although at the release of 3.0 we plan on taking a break to allow members to level their characters.

    See more info below...

    Grievance is not just a Rift guild but a family-oriented multi-gaming community comprised of adults 18+. We are a social bunch both in guild chat and teamspeak. We are always on the lookout for new members of all levels to join us in dungeon runs, PvP, Raiding, rifting and crifting.

    We have a high level of activity during prime US evening hours and it's not unusual to find 30-40 of us online (though Iíve seen 50+), but we've members playing at all hours of the day. We have everything from casual players to raiders and everyone's always friendly in this low-drama guild. Raiding is usually 60+ with a focus on T2 Level 60 content although we still run T1 content. We have both raiders and members, but our members get to come along when there's room without any raider commitments. <Grievance> firmly believes that Real Life comes first!

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me a personal message: Karmell@Wolfsbane or visit us at http://www.grievancegaming.org for what may be the last guild you'll ever need!
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