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Thread: (ANY SERVER) Raiding Guild Needed, see inside

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    Default (ANY SERVER) Raiding Guild Needed, see inside

    First off, my server no longer exists.

    Secondly, I'm not a rager, I'm not a ninja, and I'm not a bad player. I'm not looking to hop guilds or server because I have a bad reputation. With that out of the way allow me to tell you all that I'm a long, loooong time raider who simply didn't have the time. I've made strides in my life and I'm content in my new home.

    I live in Michigan, I'm 27, I know my way around macros, I've lead my own raids on multiple MMOs and with ArcheAge letting me down, I'm looking for an organized PVE (and PVP when we want to troll) guild to have some fun with.

    I have a free server transfer up since I haven't been around in ages, however I mained a tank rogue, bard support, and ranged DPS back in the day. Ranged DPS with my Verdant Bow just gave better numbers but I highly prefer melee DPS, it's just more fun. I also have one of those rare Swift Murdantix', so you know I'm ancient.

    I know my way around macros and logging in the first time in over a year I can't even remember what most of these raid call out macros were for, lol.

    I earned everything I've come across with hours of raiding and leading raids. I have vent, I have mumble, I have dolby axon, etc. etc. and a great headset.

    ***And might I add that I ALWAYS play tanks in MMOs, THIS was the one that I refused!!!... ended up playing a tank rogue and loving it... We can't escape our fates, eh? (But I love kicking somethings teeth in, I just feel spoiled if I get to DPS.)

    I'm your guy, even if you're not looking to hire in rogues. I'm not your typical rogue. I'm not power hungry. I'm not a ****.

    Please let me know if you are interested interviewing me. Private messages or VOIP please.

    Main: Rogue (@50 raid ready) *of course not anymore, but I was many pieces best-in-slot*
    Secondary: Cleric (42)
    Tirtiary: Mage (24)

    I'm looking to possibly get back into Rift but I would like to know what servers have a healthy raiding atmosphere.

    Thank you for your time,

    Leave a legacy, regret nothing.

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    Hello Maliss,

    Welcome back to Rift. Having read your post, I can say that you are in luck. WIth 3.0 less than a month away, now would be a great time to come back. In terms of raiding, I believe Greybriar is a competitive server. Based on what you wrote, you may be a good fit for TKagi Ro. We are predominantly on Eastern Times and we even have people who live in and near Michigan. Please take a look at our website. If you like what you see or if you have questions, please feel free to contact me at Savik@Greybriar.

    Good luck with your guild search.
    Savik of Greybriar
    Guild Leader, TKagi Ro (Level 30)
    3/3 BoS

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    Much appreciate sir, I'm checking out your site as I speak.

    Tonight is not a good time, it's late, but I'll be contacting you when I can with some basic questions.
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    Leave a legacy, regret nothing.

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    Hi Maliss.
    Grievance has a family like feel to it. We have lots of groups going at any given time and love to help new people or people returning to the game.
    Look below for more information about us.

    Grievance is not just a Rift guild but a family-oriented multi-gaming community comprised of adults 18+. We are a social bunch both in guild chat and teamspeak. We are always on the lookout for new members of all levels to join us in dungeon runs, PvP, Raiding, rifting and crifting.

    We have a high level of activity during prime US evening hours and it's not unusual to find 30-40 of us online (though Ive seen 50+), but we've members playing at all hours of the day. We have everything from casual players to raiders and everyone's always friendly in this low-drama guild. Raiding is usually 60+ with a focus on T1 Level 60 content though weve started working on T2. We have both raiders and members, but our members get to come along when there's room without any raider commitments. <Grievance> firmly believes that Real Life comes first!

    Raid Schedule
    Wed-6-8 server, Friday-6-8 server, and Sat-6-8 server (20-mans)

    4/4 TDQ, 4/4 IDH, and 4/4 FT, 5/5 EE. We are 1/5 PBB, 2/4 GA and 1/3 IG.

    f you have any questions, feel free to send me a personal message: Karmell@Wolfsbane or visit us at http://www.grievancegaming.org for what may be the last guild you'll ever need!
    Grievance Rift
    Embassy Leader

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