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Thread: ROTF Recruiting Raiders!!

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    Default ROTF Recruiting Raiders!!

    <Rise Of the Forgotten> A Oceanic Raiding Guild,Our Guild Consist of Players from Australia,Philippines,Malaysia,Korea,Singapore,Chi na and More!

    Joining ROTF, we will encourage you to perform at your fullest and if you happen to be underperforming our class Leads will sit down with you and figure out whats wrong and give some suggestion to improve..We have a serious but fun raiding environment..meaning we know when to get serious and when to get crazy

    Raid Schedule:
    Thursday/Monday - 3:30-6:30am ST(Server Time)
    Sunday - 2:30-6:30am ST(Server Time)
    Tuesday - Off Night Raiding(Fun Night) FT/EE - For our Casuals

    Our Progression
    Tier 2
    2/3 IG(Volan 33% will be killed with right raid setup) 3/5 PBB 4/4 GA
    Tier 3
    2/4 Mini
    Currently Working on Greenscale

    Loot System
    We Use EP/GP...for more info please Click

    Currently Recruiting:
    600hit or Near to it with Torvan/DRR BIS essences also with Reputation(Hailol,Achyati etc etc..) Maxed or working on it! Having Readiness III is a Plus!
    and can commit to our raiding schedule, 75% attendance but try to aim for 100% attendance
    For DPS we Require 18-20k DPS 3-5 min dummy parse on your highest/favorite DPS spec
    For Healers we require you to know the mechanics of the fight you're healing

    2x Cleric - Heal(Warden,Purifier and Defiler) knowing how to DPS is always a plus
    2x Mage- DPS(Stormcaller,Pyromancer,Stormalist and Warlock)
    Rogue - Exceptional DPS(Nb/Sin,Assassin,Ranger,Saboteur and Bladedancer)
    Warrior - Closed

    Contacts(All in @Laethys EI: Panda@Laethys)
    Warrior - Swic, Laharl, Yoloswagginz
    Rogue - Keev,Panda,Euxeice
    Cleric - Efitall, Lucknut, Reigorious
    Mage - Castan,Volfury

    Send the persons above an in-game tell for live parsing and a bit of questioning(Keybinds,personality etc..) about yourself
    If the none of people of the respective class isnt Online please send tells to anyone above and they will Guide you to the right direction or
    Please send me Mail Via Forum or post in this thread and i will reply as soon as possible

    For Casuals: Just send In game Guild message for invitation
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