Hey guys I've been seeing allot of people wanted to do some later night raiding myself included. Maybe we can start something fresh to accommodate these people. So we would be essentially starting a guild/raid party from the ground up.

Interested parties should go ahead and list there class/spec they desire to play. Previous guild and raid leaders would be ideal aswell. Aprox time free to raid (gb is west coast) There are several options for a voice chat, but I will offer a Ts for a clan i'm currently in but also throw it up to you guys to see what you think. Lemme know what you guys need and we will try to work on it.

All levels would be welcome I know there are many new players raid ready or close to it since i last played several months ago. This is a good chance to get up and get moving in the raiding scene. Don't need to commit however showing interest would almost definitely get the ball going.

If your still on the fence thats probably a good sign this is exactly what your looking for don't be shy, and leave your ego's at the door. Open to ideas.