As mentioned in the title I'm a 559 hit Warrior DPS/Raid Healer. I'm also a 560 hit/500 toughness Tank w/ about 79k Self buffed.

Currently I'm 8/8 T1 10mans, 8/9 T1 20mans, 4/4 in GA, 1/3 in IG, 1/5 w/ Mini in PBB(exp on Prot), and some pulls on the Greeny and Aky mini's.

I'm lookin' for a later night raid guild of start times from anywhere between 8pm-1am ST. I can gaurantee 3 Nights a week of raiding w/ Sundays having no chance for me to be available unless it's after 10pm. I also have one of each class that is t1 ready, but i'd prefer to play my warrior since that's where all the work has gone so far. Willing to X-fer shards.