About AotP
We are a friendly guild with members that range in age from teens to retired and have members from all over the globe. Most members work or go to school. As much as we all joke and have fun, when it comes to raiding we are progression based. Which means we come prepared, look up strats and take down bosses.

If you are looking for a new home or want to finish out T2 and move onto T3, go ahead and hit us up.

Raiding Information

T2 Raid Group: 2/4 GA, 1.5/5 PBB, 1/3 IG
~ Wed, Fri, Sat (6-9pm pst)
~ Priority for Roles:
Clerics Medium (1 tank/multi-role)
Mages High (2-3 multi-role)
Warriors High (3-4 tank/multi-role)
Rogues Low (Currently full)

New T1 Group:
~ Sun, Mon (6-9pm pst)
~ Priority for Roles:

Guild Info
~ Click "Recruitment" to apply or msg an officer below in game if you have questions
~ We use mumble for voice chat
~ Can also find us in Guild Finder

~ Jacelyn@Greybriar - Guild Lead
~ Eldrichkite@Greybriar - Officer
~ Superchili@Greybriar - Community Officer
~ Krisari@Greybriar - Raid Officer
~ Xandakus@Greybriar - T2 Raid Lead
~ Shadowstalkerpvp@Greybriar - Temp T1 Raid Lead