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Thread: Returning player LFG

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    Default Returning player LFG

    Hello folks. I've returned to game recently and I am looking for a good fun laid back guild to join up with in the hopes of getting to relearn the game and move into raiding again.

    This is an older account that had early access and I raided with my mage up to the end of River of Souls til my guild fell apart and I moved back to that other game. Have picked up the itch again and leveled up a rogue, cleric, and mage to 60 and thinking of working up my warrior next.

    Plan is to raid on either rogue or mage but I would prefer to do this in a DPS or some sort of DPS/support build. Not much for full on healing and tanking. Looking for times 8cst-ish to whenever for raid times mon-thursday. Weekends can be done but not 100% that I can make them all.

    I'll check back here and see if there is any interest. Server not important with how easy rifts xfer system is. Long as its not pvp lol.

    Have a good night and good luck!
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    Hi Xoros!

    Please come check Grievance out. We are a casual easy going guild.

    Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to look for a new guild when you changed games? If you could have the same friendly, helpful people and great atmosphere as you moved from game to game? It's entirely possible at Grievance on the Wolfsbane server, both here in Rift and when you decide you're ready to move to another game! From your post it seems like Grievance would be a great fit for you, so I'd like to tell you a bit about us...

    <Grievance> (25) is not just a Rift guild but a family-oriented multi-gaming community comprised of adults 18+. We are a social bunch both in guild chat and teamspeak. We are always on the lookout for new members of all levels to join us in dungeon runs, PvP, Raiding, rifting and crifting.

    We have a high level of activity during prime US evening hours and it's not unusual to find 30-40 of us online (though I’ve seen 50+), but we've members playing at all hours of the day. We have everything from casual players to raiders and everyone's always friendly in this low-drama guild. Raiding is usually 60+ with a focus on T1 Level 60 content though we’ve started working on T2. We have both raiders and members, but our members get to come along when there's room without any raider commitments. <Grievance> firmly believes that Real Life comes first!

    Raid Schedule
    Wed-Fri-Sun 6-8pm Server time (20-mans)

    ”Off Night” Raiding
    Sat 3-5pm Server Time (T1 10-mans, concurrent groups)
    Sat 6-8pm Server time (T2 10-mans)

    4/4 TDQ, 4/4 IDH, and 4/4 FT, 5/5 EE and 2/4 GA. We are 1/5 PBB progression and getting ready to try IG.

    I'd love to hear more about you, so send me a personal message: Karmell@Wolfsbane or visit us at http://www.grievancegaming.org for what may be the last guild you'll ever need!
    Grievance Rift
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    PM sent! Hope to hear from you soon!
    Be assured that these bloated carcasses that litter my path belong not to mine own enemies, but are in fact the fleshy bindings of those companions who travel with me. *Kaysis saunters off, grinning hugely, while yet another companion’s lifeless body falls to the ground*
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    Hello Xuros. Wayaunutsi is a Small, laid back guild in the hailol server. we raid thursdays and saturdays, occasionally fridays. All info in this thread:


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    <Freelancer> on Faeblight is currently seeking a few raiders to fill in our raids. We are a level 25 raiding guild.

    We have constant activity going on in the guild. Anything from PvE, PVP, Dungeon runs, notoriety grinds, it will all done in the guild. We love to participate in the Conquest premades especially.

    On the raiding side, we are 17/18 T1 raids and currently 2/4 GA, 1/5 + mini PBB, and 1/3 IG.

    Current raid nights are
    Wednesday, Thursday T2 20 man
    Sunday (GROUP 1) or Monday (GROUP 2) 10 man T2 run

    We have Tier 1 runs that can go any other day of the week.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or in game at Saiheals@Faeblight
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    Thanks for all of the replies. I'll be in touch with you folks this weekend.

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    Hi there Xuros, I'm sending you a PM now as I think what we have going on here would be a perfect fit for what you describe.


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