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    Default <High Demon Kings> - Looking for new people! PvP and Social guild

    High Demon Kings is a brand new guild and we want to build up our ranks! We are accepting all roles currently and hope to provide you with a home to base all your adventures in Telara!

    We are a casual guild. We like to PvP and and will aid you in all your battles whenever you may need it. We like to play at our own pace and the higher ups will gladly take time to help out anyone whether is be skilling, pesky dungeons that some would otherwise deem impossible, and even zone events to help give you that extra boost. We take the time to know each member to create a tight-knit atmosphere for a tension free environment.

    If your liking the sound of our guild or just interested in what we're about, just drop a comment below, look us up on the guild finder, or seek us out in the world to join!! Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this. Your help will be appreciated!

    Further information: We are guild Level 2 with 1 Bank tab (Provided by Kal and Mal)
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