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Thread: Took a long break and want to get back into the game

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    Default Took a long break and want to get back into the game

    Hey, I've been playing since about 1 month or so before RIFT changed to F2P and got to around mid-fifties in level. Unfortunately most of the people I played with stopped playing so I took a break, and then I never ended up getting back into it because of a cross-state move.

    So now I'm looking to get back into things with a nice, fun group of people. I prefer smaller/growing guilds to get back into things as it's easy to melt into the back of a very large guild and not really get to know anybody.

    I don't really remember a ton about the game but I logged on yesterday and remember how to play my character (bard) pretty well. However, I'm definitely not quite up to par for raiding yet, especially seeing as I've not even hit level 60 yet. I'd still love to get pretty hardcore into dungeons and maybe even raid when the time comes that I am able.

    I also like to talk so voice chat is definitely a big factor for me (Skype, RaidCall, TeamSpeak, etc). Guilds that have people around my level or are at the same content are obviously preferred as well.

    Looking forward to any responses, thanks!

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    Hi Malarix. We have a fairly good sized guild but I believe you would like it if you tried it out. The nice part of Grievance is the ability to have a home where you are able to be part of many games without changing guilds.
    We have players of all levels and many players who make alternate characters so there is always someone around any level at any given time.
    There are always dungeons, rift groups or just groups questing together.
    Here is some more info and our website to look into.

    <Grievance> (25) is not just a Rift guild but a family-oriented multi-gaming community comprised of adults 18+. We are a social bunch both in guild chat and teamspeak. We are always on the lookout for new members of all levels to join us in dungeon runs, PvP, Raiding, rifting and crifting.

    We have a high level of activity during prime US evening hours and it's not unusual to find 30-40 of us online (though I’ve seen 50+), but we've members playing at all hours of the day. We have everything from casual players to raiders and everyone's always friendly in this low-drama guild. Raiding is usually 60+ with a focus on T1 Level 60 content though we’ve started working on T2. We have both raiders and members, but our members get to come along when there's room without any raider commitments. <Grievance> firmly believes that Real Life comes first!

    Raid Schedule
    Wed-Fri-Sun 6-8pm Server time (20-mans)

    ”Off Night” Raiding
    Sat 3-5pm Server Time (T1 10-mans, concurrent groups)
    Sat 6-8pm Server time (T2 10-mans)

    4/4 TDQ, 4/4 IDH, and 4/4 FT, 5/5 EE and 2/4 GA. We are 1/5 PBB progression and getting ready to try IG.

    I'd love to hear more about you, so send me a personal message: Karmell@Wolfsbane or visit us at http://www.grievancegaming.org for what may be the last guild you'll ever need!
    Grievance Rift
    Embassy Leader

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    Hello Malarix,

    TKagi Ro of Greybriar may be a good fit for you. Our raid times are primarily weekdays from 8 to 11 PM Eastern if that is something you may desire down the road. We are friendly and social and our guild has good levels of activity outside of our raid window. We do use Mumble for our voice communications.

    If you would like to know more about us, please contact me in-game at Savik@Greybriar or by visiting our website.

    Good luck in your guild search.
    Savik of Greybriar
    Guild Leader, TKagi Ro (Level 30)
    3/3 BoS

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    Hey there Malarix, a group of us are also recently returning from huge breaks and have started a guild here on Hailol for those in the same boat. Going to drop you a PM with more details.

    Good Luck

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    PM sent! Hope to hear from you soon!
    Be assured that these bloated carcasses that litter my path belong not to mine own enemies, but are in fact the fleshy bindings of those companions who travel with me. *Kaysis saunters off, grinning hugely, while yet another companion’s lifeless body falls to the ground*
    ~Kaysis, Pax Illuminatus of Pax Gaming

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    Default Wayaunutsi from Hailol

    We are a group of around 12 people looking for more players to form a second raiding squad, and to fill 20 man raids. We've cleared IDH and TDQ (and do it two times a week) and FT and EE in collaboration with other guilds from other shards.

    LEVEL REQUIERED: 60 (No hit requirement)

    We generally raid IDH and TDQ at 8:30p.m. central time on thursdays and saturdays, about to change the thursday run into GA progression. As for teams, we don't have an A team or a B team, we just put together groups that we know that won't be an imminent failure.

    ADDONS REQUIRED (we can help you out on the installation):
    BiS Calendar (To schedule guild runs)
    King Boss Mods (to help in raids)

    We play most of the day starting at noon, doing dungeons, chronicles, zone events and hunt rifts together, while not forced to stay in a group all the time. If you want to raid but you don't have the stat requirements, no problem. we can help you get gear via dungeons orr crafting.
    Everyone is free to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't affect other players negatively.
    We use raidcall as voice chat while raiding or even to have a good time.

    WE'RE NOT A HARDCORE RAIDING GUILD, AND WE UNDERSTAND LIFE COMES FIRST. If you can't join us in a group, it's ok, we won't kick you (We will only force you to send us imported cheese from france and sweden).

    Ranks don't really matter and at the moment we don't consider anyone as our "leader", we're just a bunch of folks that like to hang out and have fun.

    I'm trying to start a little pvp team (Myrmidon mage here), but don't tell anyone. PvE'ers might hear us!!

    Age requirement: 18+. Accepting 16+ if you don't really care about offensive language and M-rated discussions in raidcall. Please be open-minded.

    You can find us in Hailol guild finder or send a message or in-game mail to ILLUYANKA, IXXTAB, HANRAD, BARRCAS, URBORG or REAMER. For smaller guilds wanting to join do the same. Or if you only want to know the meaning of our name, message Hanrad, I have no idea.

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