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Thread: <Bare Riders> Looking to "expand" our raiding team.

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    Default <Bare Riders> Looking to "expand" our raiding team.

    <Bare Riders> is a guild that is dedicated to the finer arts of having a good time whilst raiding. We tend to raid on weekends and are working our way through tier 1 content. We hope to "expand" our raiding team to include more people and gain more people for our raiding team to expand to tier 2 raids.

    <Bare Riders> has no requirements to join, but as a general rule we don't like people who are pompous ***-hats. <Bare Riders> will take players both new to the game and more casual players, specifically young bo... whoops, I meant men.

    If interested /tell Rithim@Greybriar or Kaleshnikov@Greybriar for an invite.

    (We have a mumble server for those interested in voice chat.)
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