I have joined and watched many guilds and noticed that the most successful ones are the ones created by a group of friends that has a multitude of leaders.

This works better than the dominant model of this super do-it-all one man army (usually a tank) hardcore whose word is law and should be worshiped at all times.

Not us.

We are The Thieves Guild of Zaviel, and we would like to invite you to a completely new experience of what a guild is capable of being.

Our Mission is this:

1- Facilitate buying/selling and all trade-related activities for those who indulge the pursuit of riches.

2- Exchange live market information and insights.

3- Serve as a guide to aspiring new players who are also interested in becoming avid money-makers.

4- Befriend all characters especially alts, which is preferred since we do not raid with this guild. We simply trade, level, make friends and have fun.

5- Enjoy hard to find role-play/dimension features. Escalate (generously) through the ranks of thug, smuggler, assassin all the way to grand vizier and prince.

5- True liberty, by turning the guild into a chain-reaction of possible monthly guild leaders. This happens via free elections to elect a new Prince once a month.

Sign up via guild finder (Ctrl+G) or simply send a mailed message to Nevarah or Grapplepie