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Thread: Recruiting T2 ready players. Random Aggression

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    Default Recruiting T2 ready players. Random Aggression

    RA is a level 25 casual guild with fun and mature players. http://www.randomaggression.com/index.php

    We are recruiting multi spec mage/cleric/warr for our second GA team roster. We have 10 but would like to have up to 15 so that raid proceeds every week regardless of few absences due to RL situations.

    The team is new with varying degrees of experience with GA. 1/4 from first run as a team. So please be progression focussed. Please have (or getting close to) Torvan/Lycinii, honoured runes, 500+ hit/toughness, cleared most of T1.

    Raid time is Tuesday, 8pm for 2 hours AEST Sydney. We finish sharp. Please send PM in game or forum for further discussion. Players with little patience, big attitude, elitist mindset need not apply.

    p.s. Other raid times FYC. AEST

    - Thursday 7pm. Casual raid day. Content depends on attendance.
    - Sunday 7-10pm. 20man. FT/EE. 8/9. 2nd team forming.
    - Also T2 20 man forming in discussion.
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