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Thread: Unity - Recruiting all classes for raiding

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    Default Unity - Recruiting all classes for raiding

    About Unity
    Unity is a multigaming guild with active chapters in Rift, GW2 and SWTOR. The Rift chapter was formed shortly after the launch of Rift and is casual in nature with an edge towards raiding. We also have a decent sized PvP community and try to cater to all play styles where possible.

    We are currently 4/4 FT (Rapid Assault), 4/5 EE and 2/4 GA with some good progression time on Regulos and Salvarola. We want to recruit raid ready players who wish to finish T1 progression and move on to T2 as soon as possible!

    Raid Schedule
    T1 20 Man Raids (Frozen Tempest and Endless Eclipse):
    All times are server time
    Wednesday: 7:30pm - 10:30pm
    Sunday: 7pm - 10:30pm
    Monday (optional based on signups): 7:30pm - 10:30pm

    T2 10 Man Raids (Grim Awakening):
    Thursday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm

    Recruitment Status and Requirements
    Warrior - Medium
    Cleric - Medium
    Rogue - High
    Mage - High

    We are ideally looking for players at level 55+ who will be looking to raid as soon as possible. Our core of raiders are T2 ready and will be eager to help gear up newer players looking to end game raid.

    Contact Details
    For more info or to apply directly please visit our website at: www.unityguild.net.

    Also, feel free to contact any of the following in game:
    GM - Camriildror@Blightweald
    Officer - Bizar@Blightweald
    Officer - Balidorf@Blightweald
    Officer - Zarahaana@Blightweald
    Biz - L60/P81 Warrior

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    We are still recruiting

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    We don't bite! well..... we could! come join us and have a laugh

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