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Thread: Looking for a PVP Guild

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    Default Looking for a PVP Guild

    I recently left The Art of War, which was a great guild, but focused mainly on raids, etc..., and so am looking for a new home. I am an average skilled multitasking mage, changing from chloro, dom, necro or pyro, during any given wf, any given time, depending on need.

    I can't give a set schedule as I am a mom, and have a job with random hours, I can sometimes play for hours, sometimes minutes. If there are any guilds that are tolerant of this, I would be interested! All I know is that I love PVP, and I would love to be a part of a guild that does as well.

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    Bumpity bump bump

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    Default pvp


    Hey there. HYDRA is focused on raiding for our main guild progression but we also have avid pvpers in our guild. I myself am one of them. We often throw together pvp nights and just pwn some people. We have a lot of our pvpers above rank 60, even one guy almost rank 80. So, if that says anything about how much ppl love pvp... ;) You should join us eve if it is just for pvp. We also do raiding as well if you wanted to dabble in that.

    Here is some more information we post for recruitment:

    <H Y D R A > is looking to recruit more members that are interested in endgame content. We are looking for mature players that can work as a team and be social with guildies. We use Ventrilo during all guild activites and you will be expected use it. We are currently running 10 & 20 man Raids. All guild Events will be posted in-game via Guild calendar (Bis Calendar)

    What you can expect:

    * Friendly,mature and social environment
    * Active members
    * Active Guild calendar (posted a week in advance)
    * GHS, SH62s, Craft Rifts, Weekly raids, etc
    * Class mentoring, upon request
    * Daily Raid Rift
    * High end crafters
    * Raid Dungeons
    * Expert Dungeons
    * Website and Twitter alerts for mobile notifications on events.
    * Ventrilo (only required during guild activities)
    * 18+
    * PvP Nights

    What we expect from you:
    * Be social and get to know your guildies.
    * Be courteous (When signing up for a raid or event, we need you to show up and be on time)
    * Must download Add-On (Bis Calendar) we keep our members informed with this via guild tab
    * We are not looking for drama queens, Just someone mature and friendly to game with.

    ==[RAID]== recruitment:
    (RAID TIME - [20 man Raid] Thursday 8pm-10pm EST & Sunday 9pm-11pm EST)

    DPS souls - Be able to sustain 9-10k dps

    We currently only have 1 warrior and could use more!

    Healers and tanks welcome.

    PLEASE APPLY TO JOIN AT---> [ H Y D R A ] <---

    Please look us up on guild finder " H Y D R A"
    or contact us.

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    Hi there, thanks for the offer! I go by Kitia, actually....Amandlila was what i was running way back in the day ;) I will look you guys up.

    Thanks again!

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