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Thread: <Donít Run I Have Candy> @[Hailol]

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    Default <Donít Run I Have Candy> @[Hailol]

    <☼Donít Run I have Candy☼>

    <Donít Run I Have Candy> @[Hailol]

    Welcome all new and returning players!
    We are currently recruiting all classes and roles for EE/FT as well as GA!
    Casuals and/or new or returning players are also welcome!
    We are happy to helpl players do dungeons or activities to level or gear up.

    About Us:

    We are a level 21 guild, Many of our core members are currently 9/9 in progression.
    We are a fun group, ridiculous at times, and we have unrestricted chat; as such, we ask our applicants to be 18+ or at least not be easily offended.

    • Wednesday and Thursday - 6:00 - 10:00pm Server time
    • Sunday - 6:30- 8:30pm Server time
    • TS3 is required. You don't have to speak, but it's preferred you listen.
    • Looking for members to fill in core slots for FT/EE, as well as for Grim Awakening Progression!
    • Our raid spots will be competitive
    • we do expect you to work on your character and attempt to improve.
    • We expect a full time raiding member to have a 75% minimum attendance
    • 20-man loot will be handled through a loot council and kept track of.

    What We're Looking For:

    • Mage - Heals, Dps, Archon
    • Clerics - Heals, Off Tank, Dps
    • Rogue - Dps, Off Tank, Bard
    • Warrior - Dps, Off Tank

    Who to Contact:





    Join Us Today And Get In On A Fresh Start!

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    Still Looking For:

    1, Off Tank
    2, Cleric Healers
    3, Pew Pew Bang Bang Dps

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