Valhalla is a fairly new guild and we welcome you into our ranks.

Being a small guild, we are not raiding at this time, of course. This is where you come in. Join us and even bring friends in with you, and before long we'll be putting those raids on farm-mode.

Valhalla is currently level 8 and the perks are as follows:

  • Planar Protection - 3/3
  • Blood Thirsty - 3/3
  • Call of the Ascended - 1/1
  • Summon Guild Rally Banner - 1/1
  • Lucky Penny - 1/3
  • Cache Finder - 3/3
  • Rift Extraction - 1/3
  • Tithe - 3/3
With that said, if you're interested in joining or would like more information, message me here, through PM or find me online. IGN - Fasination

You can also find the guild in the guild finder, which would probably be easier as I won't always be online.

Come join us and we can turn this small guild into something great!

Note: I am not the leader of this guild. The leader is Ithari.