Hi Guys;

Recently returned player, I have a couple 50's and some small change, looking for a mature social guild that raids (not hard core) and PvP's.
Looking to pop a lowbie in to gauge if we get along or not then transfer over the others, willing to move servers for the right guild, currently on wolfsbane.

I have a reasonable sense of humor, and show a great deal of loyality to the right people/guild.
Havent raided as yet on Rift dso looking forward to that, based GMT plus 8 am available from 7.00pm EAST Weekdays and all weekend.

Send me a PM if you have a friendly bunch that raids, pvp's and has a laugh.

Current 50's are:

Mage Necro/lock only - near expert geared
Cleric- heals and Inqi - expert Geared
Rogue melee - greens/blues

Working on others atm