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Thread: <GENESIS> Now gearing for endgame Raids & PvP content!

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    Default <GENESIS> Now gearing for endgame Raids & PvP content!



    Who We Are:
    GENESIS is a PvP, PvE, Leveling, Questing Guardian guild on the Seastone Server founded by Jnyx and other like minded individuals. We started this guild with the intention of creating a guild that rewards it's members a strong sense of pride, comradery, and commitment to each other. We believe that no guild should revolve around just a few "key" players, but rather the guild itself. We want members that are always team players and willing to help the guild progress. Maintaining a solid team atmosphere is very crucial to us, we like to socialize whenever possible. We feel as if this is a solid way to build teamwork. Genesis members all know one another, we do not consist of a bunch of cliques, instead the entire guild is a whole - no one is left out. Regardless of our close-knit atmosphere we have no problem welcoming newer members to our guild and making them feel like they are part of the team. Learn to take advantage of that when you are accepted into the guild. We have many members with expertise in certin aspects of game-play, but we are constantly learning and evolving. Being a good player and learning to get to know the guild beyond the occasional log on, or "mailbox check" is something we strive for. Also, take some time and try to know the guild as a whole whether it's pvping, talking on vent, doing something in game, playing another game - anything. We are very big on guild community

    What We Strive For:
    GENESIS, is a guild based around it's members as a whole. Like the old addage, "It take a community to raise a child." Well it takes a member base to raise a guild. Our members are some of the most down to earth and dedicated players you will find in this game. We aren't corporate, nor do we "game jump" like some of the other guilds. We are casual and laid back and will never be "hardcore". The guild atmosphere is second to none with helpfulness and all our members know each other and love to chat it up on our vent server and/or guild chat.

    Some values we offer you as a member include:
    » Non-region specific. We take all members, from all over the world.
    » Fun.
    » Individuals have a passion for the guild & team building
    »Dedication to each other and the guild as a whole
    »Strong leadership.
    » Skilled
    » Organized

    Our Future Plans:
    Currently those of us that wish to raid and participate in end-game PvE are currently gearing up for T1's and beyond. Experience isn't required but if you do have raiding experience, all the better. We are seeking an officers position as "PvE Officer" who will also serve as the primary figurehead for planning and executing raids, getting guild members raid ready and the like.

    In addition to PvE, we are also looking to get our PvP team(s) started up soon led by our PvP Officer. Once again, experience isn't required, but always a plus.

    How To Contact Us / Join:
    Contacting us regarding more info or joining is easy. Stop by our site and fill out an app located on our forums and an officer will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Alternately, you can look us up on the guild finder by hitting Shift+G and typing in Genesis or /Tell on of the following personel: Jnyx or Chuina We look forward to new members and hope to see you in Telara ~Jnyx
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    Bump for a great guild looking for great members. Class & Levels are open to all.
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