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Thread: Dark Paradigm Is Recruiting Casual+Core - Mon/Tue/Thur Raiding

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    Default Dark Paradigm Is Recruiting Casual+Core - Mon/Tue/Thur Raiding

    Hi Faeblight - Well met, and thank you for inquiring.


    Ive taken our old thread and *minorly* edited it. Basically, right now we are looking to recruit raid-core and casual members that are interested in moving forward with Akylios progression/ID progression/Primeval Feast. Read below for more details on raid times/schedules/basic information. DP is a mature, driven group that is family oriented. We are interested in seeing the end-game and being the best players we can be while having fun doing it.

    Dark Paradigm
    Website: http://dark-paradigm.com/
    Mumble: dp.mumble.cc

    Allow me to introduce you to our recruitment thread. Dark Paradigm is a mix of a casual base with a strong raiding core. Currently we have around 15+ Raider Core members and 10 or so casual players. As of right now we are pushing for a small rebuilding phase, as summer hours and RL has played a part in some of our core to hang up the Lure.

    Current Recruitment Push:
    This is a new section that I'll keep updated with our current recruitment goals.
    - Our current progression is in ID and on Akylios, as well as Primeval Feast
    - We are looking for ID Ready (400+ Hit/Focus), competent, and driven players who are mature and interested in moving forward to see more end game content while having fun!

    Atmosphere and Guild Age:
    - The majority of our members are somewhere between 20 and 50. Guild conversation often gets on the 'mature' side of the line.
    - We have several couples and partners in the guild as well.
    - We function as a family and value Real Life much more than Rift.

    Role Play and Community:
    - As we are a 'don't be a ......' guild, it is expected that all our members extend the same attitude to our community.
    - Dark Paradigm is not designated as a 'Role Playing' guild. Some of our members do enjoy this aspect of the community while others shy away from it.

    Casual Members:
    - We also have a good sized base of casual members. People who log on for the conversation, zone events, T2 groups, DRRs and 10 mans. You'll see our raiders log on to complete their daily T2 and bring whoever wishes to join them along.
    - Again, because we have such an active pool of members who enjoy all aspects of the game you'll find lots of experienced individuals to ask questions.
    - We allow all alts into the guild. We do tend to trim characters who have not logged on for 60+ days however.

    Casual Raiders:
    - Our guild includes a healthy pool of Raider Subs and Members. These are people who enjoy raiding but due to real life schedule conflicts can not commit to a progression raid schedule. We are often able to bring a few of these members into HK and RotP. We also are able to rotate members in and out of the raider core into the subs as their real life schedules change.

    Progression Raiding (HK - 10/11) (RotP - 4/4) (ID – 1/8)(PF – 0/4):
    - We have a raiding core of ~20 members and officers.
    - Current Raiding Time is 7 pm server time(10 Eastern)
    - HK Raiding Nights are Thursday, Monday and Tuesday
    - RotP/PF Raiding Nights are Wednesday and Friday
    - T1 10/20 Man Content is ran whenever enough members are on that wish to do so
    - ID Nights are mixed in with HK nights depending on raid force and feeling

    Crafting, Consumables and the Bank:
    - 5 Bank slots – including fishing/survival needs for last spot
    - Being a decently sized guild, we have members who are active in all of the crafting professions.
    - For our raiders we bring all the raid consumables typically used. Our raiders typically contribute resources to the crafters during off times to assist in keeping our raider tab stocked.
    - For members we have a Crafting Tab where we deposit many different types of crafting materials and augments, a General Tab where we drop different loot items and keep stocked on a wide range of runes, and an Artifact Tab where we unload all our unused Artifacts.

    Guild Leadership and Rules:
    - Dark Paradigm is lead by a council. This council is made up of members with a wide range of in game goals and experience; from the very detailed, big pictured, progression, casual and odd. We vote on most issues facing the guild and have a large degree of autonomy in taking action as individuals.
    - The Council has at least 1 member from each class who functions as a 'Class Officer' in handling assignment to Raider Ranks and assisting with itemization and build questions.
    - As far as rules go, Dark Paradigm does not really have any. We operate on the 'don't be a .....' philosophy and seek members/raiders with a similar mindset.
    - Loot is always decided by a Loot Council. Most of the time we default to open rolls. Being a mix between progression and casual we try and strike a balance between assigning loot based on needs of the raid and rolling on loot based on the needs of the members.

    Recruitment and Advancement:
    So now that I've introduced you to the guild, lets talk about recruitment.
    - We've established this thread because we do not really care much for spamming 50's chat for members. We are always happy to add new people to our family however; both from Faeblight and from any other server.
    - For entry into Dark Paradigm we evaluate only on a random interview to gauge personality. There are no 'applications' or 'required classes / gear'. This is part of our casual base.
    - For advancement to Member you can expect to be at a 'recruit' rank for about 2 weeks. This is mostly because we have very generous bank privileges to our members and alts.
    - Advancement to Raider Sub is at the discretion of the council, but typically occurs after being in the guild for about a month and being active in our entry raids / available for our progression content. This is a casual raider rank and only requires you make your intentions known and demonstrate basic awareness / ability.
    - Advancement to Raider is a longer process. Something you should be sure to tell us you are interested in. This is where the line is drawn between casual and progression; so naturally there are gear, skill, schedule and personality requirements.

    Raiders joining our guild:
    - Dark Paradigm with few exceptions does not recruit directly into our raider core.
    - Everyone comes in as a recruit, however if your intention is to be part of the core please let us know so that we can get you in contact with your class officer.
    - Once the class officer has determined that you are a perspective raider core member, we'll tend to get you into a few of our progression nights to see how well you fit with our group.

    Raider Core Size:

    Target Class Force = 6 core and an additional 2 core / subs. (24 total core with 8 additional subs/core)

    - For entry please talk to one of our council members. I will occasionally check this thread but in game is always the best way to reach me.

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    Dark Paradigm is currently recruiting the following HK ready classes :

    MAGES - ST DPS, Archon, and able to Choloro.

    WARRIORS - Tank / DPS

    ROGUES - Would like a rogue that is MS Bard, also need a MS Tank

    CLERICS - Able to MT heal for raids

    4 Piece HK would be a huge plus for recruitment.


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