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Thread: The Nitewatcher's (Shatterbone Defiant) Looking For More!

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    Default The Nitewatcher's (Shatterbone Defiant) Looking For More!

    The Nitewatcher's (Shatterbone Defiant) Looking For More!-2012-06-14_2329387119.jpg

    Fellow rift players and newcomers, we are a lvl seven guild with about 25 members as of now.

    Were all adults, and have a few couples in the guild as of now , we use vent for voice.

    We are looking for other adults , who want a drama free playing enviroment with helpful guild members to craft, group, and socialize with. We have almost every tradeskill filled and can make you bags, weapons, and armor .

    We run guild quests together, dungeons, and swap mats with each other to help level up our tradeskills.

    Almost every member minus the two guild leaders are in the 20-40 level range. We are working our way up as we help the guild work its way up .

    We will stay casual with a play when you want, how ya want attitude even after we start running high level dungeons and raids.

    You are by no means forced to do anything in the guild that you prefer not to do .Except act mature and keep a nice , fun , enjoyable atmosphere.

    We like to joke and have a good time we are not a hardcore number cruncher play this spec kinda guild, we play for fun.

    If this sounds like a guild you might like to try out and are tired of soloing and are getting bored because you have nobody to socialize with please head over to Shatterbone with an alt or main and send us a tell in the guild finder.

    We are fixing to to start gearing up for casual raiding and now is a great time to join.
    Play how ya want when ya want is our attitude and we dont make anyone play any class or role they dont want to.. Play what ya want..

    You can also check out or new site at www.nitewatchers.guildlaunch.com and get a hold of us through there.

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