Looking at transferring my cleric over here (my Guardian toons are already transfered over here) and am interested in joining an HK/RotP guild. Not really interested in an ID guild as that seems to be their focus (rightly so) and HK/RotP are not, so my experience (from currently being in one) is that those have little interest and hardly get run. I am, however, at that level (HK/RotP) and need to run them for both gear, Greater Marks, and Crystals.

I have cleared all of HK at least once, and many bosses several more times (3x on Akylios for instance). HK ready specs (360+ focus) are inquisicar, inquisicab, purisent, and a warden spec for Estrode. I also have a water source engine - 102 WR, no earth or fire as yet. 3/4 in RotP (1st, 2nd, mini bosses, and 4th - still have yet to kill Silgen).

HK level gear right now is hands, belt, feet, weapons (1 and 2H), totem, wand, and ring

I do have a tank spec, but its not quite ready for T2 Raids (only around 180-190 toughness, hit is good for all but Akylios).

As far as days I can raid, right now Monday, Thursday, and Saturday are bad days for me.

Not a big RPer, but I can a bit (so if there is a raiding RP guild I would be willing to join and participate to an extent), and not a fan of PvP.

If you have a spot and a compatible raid schedule, please reply here or (preferred method) message me via these forums.