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Thread: Returning player looking for a guild.

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    Default Returning player looking for a guild.

    I have all classes at 50 but I never got them very geared because every guild I joined seemed to sideline me during raids because I had no experience. I enjoy my mage most and usually play my 51 point chloro spec when running instances but I also have a raid healing spec and a few DPS ones as well. I also have a warrior who is geared for tanking. Again gear isnt really that great but should be good enough to start tier one raids if someone will just give me a chance. I listen well and have watched most boss fights on youtube. Im looking to join a guild that will allow me to finally start raiding. Even though I havent done a single raid fight in Rift other than a few Raid Rifts I am confident that I can help a guild progress either by healing or tanking. I would be willing to switch to a DPS spec on my warrior since his tank gear isnt that great. Im usually on every night so I can make any raid times. Im just looking for a guild that will give me a chance to prove myself.
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    PM sent. Looking forward to a response. =)


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