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Thread: Guardian Cleric Looking For East Coast Raiding Guild

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    Default Guardian Cleric Looking For East Coast Raiding Guild

    Hello all,

    Currently I have multiple heal specs; 51Purifier, 51 Warden, Inquisicar, Senticar, and a Sent/Warden hybrid. I have the 4 piece HK set bonus (with a total of 5 HK pieces) with the Sent and Puri crystals, working on getting the warden crystal. I have cleared DH, GP, GSB, 3/4 RoS, 2/4 RotP, and 4/11 HK. I have not been into ID yet. I have a ton of raiding experience in other MMOs, most recently WoW and SW:TOR.

    What I am looking for is a guild which raids HK, preferably either just starting or around the same progression I am at. I am not looking to be carried through and "geared up". I am looking to enjoy the experience of conquering HK with a group for the first time. I am an adult (over 40) and would love a guild with more of the same. I cannot tolerate elitists, trolls, guild drama, and/or loot ******.

    Ideal raid times would start around 7:30 - 8:00 EST. Ideal days would be Thursday through Sunday, raiding 2 or 3 of those days.

    I am currently on the Wolfsbane server but would be willing to transfer for the right guild.

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    Default hi


    we need clerics bad and you have the opportunity to gear up quickly due to the fact that we have 2 clerics and they are already geared. i know u dont wanna be carried and were not asking you to. we have 2 teams progression and farm and for the farm team we take our ppl with your progression so you are still earning it. however you still have the opportunity to be on the progression team for ID
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    While shades of a fade is a great guild, we might be more of what u are looking for.
    They are established and progressed raiding guild; while most of us are just getting our feet wet.

    Check your PM for more details!

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    Check out Invidious on Keenblade. We pretty much fit your schedule, though we do start a bit late. Raid nights are now Wednesday - Sunday, with progression focus on Friday - Sunday. Raid start times are 9:00 PM EST. We're currently entry-level HK (2/11), so you'd pretty much be picking up right where you left off. Send a PM on here or a tell to Slatesplit in game if you're interested. =)


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    check us out and see if you want to talk.
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    I could use an individual lookin to stand on his own and battle shoulder to shoulder with the rest of my gang. Look us up on Deepwood www.dark-catalyst.com
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