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Thread: Keenbalde - <Order of Darkstar> recruiting!

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    Default Keenbalde - <Order of Darkstar> recruiting!

    <Order of Darkstar> on Keenblade is now seeking a few more DPS, specifically Warriors and Mages!

    We are currently 11/11HK and 2/8 Infernal Dawn.

    Raid time is 9-11:30 est Wed Thur Fri Sun.

    We are a friendly, laid back group of raiders dedicated towards progression while retaining a relaxed and fun environment. Maturity and respect is a must, along with the drive to succeed in progression while having an enjoyable stress-free raiding experience.

    We use Teamspeak3 to coordinate raids, so bring your mic!

    Feel free to visit our website : http://orderofdarkstar.shivtr.com/

    For more information, feel free to post, PM, or pop onto Keenblade and speak with any listed below!

    In game contact for more information: Sleet
    Officers: Illy, Azoran, Daisycutter, Bavmorda, Cantril, Sleet

    We look forward to meeting you

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    We've added Primeval Feast to our weekly rotation, and have taken down Grandmaster Atrophinius.

    Still looking for a few more players to join our family.

    If you're interested, please visit us at our website, Order of Darkstar and apply!

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