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Thread: <White Fang> Gnarlwood 2/8 ID Recruiting!

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    Default <White Fang> Gnarlwood 2/8 ID Recruiting!

    <White Fang>

    Team 1: ID 2/8 - HK 11/11 - RoTP 4/4(Conq) - All T1 raid content(Conq)

    Raid Needs:
    Warriors - Low
    Clerics - High - DPS/Support Heal (icar)
    Rogues - High - DPS
    Mages - Low - DPS

    Contact Info:
    For more information please contact Desdanova, Nahlia, Revyn, or Bigkev in game. Or, you can join in on our TS3 server. The address is ts.white-fang.com and no port or password needed (we host it ourselves!). Just ask for one of the above people after connecting, and our members can point you in the right direction if we're not in channel.

    Current progression raid nights and times:
    20 man: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 5pm-8pm PST
    Monday 20-man weekly quest run.

    We are a large Guardian guild that resides on Gnarlwood. We're looking to fill our ranks further with exceptional players wanting to experience the best that Rift has to offer through raiding and other PvE content. If you're a raider and our times fit you, be sure to let us know. If you're a casual player looking for a big family, come on over!

    We use a loot council/roll hybrid for loot.

    Applicant Requirements
    • Must be a mature and friendly player (we are all adults, cursing is not foreign or taboo to us, but we do consider all of the members of the raid team our friends).
    • Must be familiar with all specs and skills within their class. No one trick ponies need apply!
    • Must be able to use Teamspeak 3 for communication (mic not required but preferred).
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    Daily bump. Still recruiting like-minded players that are wanting to really progress through endgame. Don't let our progression scare any applicants away, we're always on the look out for exceptional players regardless of their gear level.

    We can help get you gear, but we can't heal through stupid. ;)

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