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Thread: Super casual returning player looking for super casual super group of super friends!

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    Default Super casual returning player looking for super casual super group of super friends!

    Hello friends!

    I haven't played in months and months and months, but decided I'd start playing again because I realized I actually had fun playing this game and the rest of the garbage I was slaving over simply was not fun.

    I have a mage, which happens to be level 39. I logged in to see how things were going and it turned out my shard had been transformed into a trial shard, and I was being kicked out. How sad. So began my search for a new group of awesome people. I'm really bad at most things I do, but I like to think I bring that little special something to the groups I'm in (emphasis on special). I don't raid, no time, but I like to do groups with people, whether it be pve or pvp, I'm equally bad at both.

    Due to the nature of my work, I'm never on at the same time, and never for the same length of time, but rest assured, I do log on regularly, whether to spend several hours purging the world of evil, or just a couple minutes injecting nuggets of wisdom into as many chat channels as I can.

    If you have a voice server, I will make full use of it. I hate typing. A lot. I have an awesome sense of humor. I never take anything too seriously. I make a mean oatmeal pancake. I like to sing on occasion. Twilight Sparkle is best pony. Despite whatever assumptions you've crafted thus far, I'm actually very outgoing. My volume goes to 11. I drink maybe a gallon of coffee a day. And finally, here's a picture I drew. If you're curious as to why everything is frowning, its because I am currently friendless and alone, and that makes everything sad.

    I suppose the best way to contact me is through the forums. Even if you have no interest in recruiting me to your fine social club, there's no reason you can't just say hello! In fact, you could send anything you want really, ask me life questions, tell me to never post again, send me great recipes, draw pictures, I'm cool with all of it.

    Stay frisky my friends,

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    Sounds super interesting, I super hope some super people join you on your super journey of super!

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    I cracked up reading your post and thought I'd say hello and good luck with your search! I'm a member of a small, casual great group of people that may be just the home you are looking for. My in-game name is Zaxx and I'm a Guardian on the Faeblight server. My guild name is Guardians of the Vigil and we would love to hear from you and show you our home....

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    I am sorry to say that the Super Friends do not play Rift as they are too busy battling the Legion of Doom

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