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Thread: ID Cleric / Rogue and Warrior looking for guild

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    Default ID Cleric / Rogue and Warrior looking for guild


    So, our guild recently fell apart and it leaves us looking for a new one. We have experience on 5/8 ID, but have only killed 3/8.

    Cleric - Prefers to heal, but can DPS. Has 1 ID relic, and has mostly HK relics or ID gear.

    Rogue - Has 2 ID relics, rest of gear as possible is an HK Relic for the tank set. Has DPS pieces, but Tank set is definitely the stronger set. Is willing to switch to DPS, as long as it's understood he won't be the best at first due to gear.

    Warrior - Is geared enough to tank ID, but is willing to swap to DPS as well.

    All three of us have complete fire, earth and water cores.

    What We're looking for :

    We're hoping for a guild that is at least 2/8 ID, but the main thing for us is that you're filling raids and raiding all your nights. Or at the very least, will be doing that with us joining. We obviously don't want to go through two guilds falling apart back to back.

    We need raid times that start after 6pm pacific. Raid days don't matter as much.

    Please reply here or whisper me on Deepwood (Bites) for any more questions or to talk if you're interested.
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    Hey, were on deepwood... i can prly make room for a rogue if the cleric is amazing, we are looking for ppl ready to jump straight in2 leathys progression... we raid thurs/mon/sun 6:30st-10:30st please pm or app @ guild site link
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    Pm sent- didnt see you on server anymore though

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