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Thread: <Grindcore> is now recruiting

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    Default <Grindcore> is now recruiting

    We are looking for more to fill a few spots in our 20 team.

    You enjoy Rift? Want to raid and can't find a guild becuse you are new to the game and have no gear. People who want to Raid we'll help gear you. If you are geared and looking for a change. Give us a look.

    We are on Gnarlwood. We've completed all 10 mans. All 20 mans and are 2/8 in ID. We raid 6-9 server time which is west coast time. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

    Our Website http://www.grindcore.enjin.com/home

    Make an Alt on Gnarlwood if you want to talk to someone directly Gyff, Uyzrk, Zsa. If they aren't on look me up Caecigard.


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    guild has moved to deepwood pst to Jaedynn for more details.

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