<Terrible> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on the Deepwood shard. We're currently looking to fill a few slots for our 20 man roster in Infernal Dawn. Details below!

Guild site: http://terrible.guildlaunch.com/

Raid times: 5:30-9:00PM (server time)
Raid days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Thursday/Sunday we run raid weeklies/GDKP)
Loot distribution: Loot council
Consumables are provided for raiders at a substatially reduced price, so you don't need to farm your own.

Classes we're looking for:

2 Rogues (able and willing to Bard if asked)
Exceptional DPS Mages and Warriors will also be considered! (No Clerics at this time).

While we are mainly in need of Rogues at this time, we will definitely consider any DPS who can blow us out of the water with their numbers and raiding skills.

Things we're looking for:

-Full fire resist machine for your primary spec
-Full earth resist machine for your primary spec
-Minimum of 400 hit/focus and AT LEAST 4 piece HK
-The ability for you to perform multiple roles in a raid setting if asked (bard/archon/chloro, etc)
-You must be able to make at least 85% of our raid nights. Family functions/special occasions are understood, however we're not looking for any part-time raiders.

We expect all raiders to be respectful in ventrilo, guild chat, and all public/private channels. Drama is not tolerated in this guild and will very quickly be squashed.

Please apply through our guild site. The button is in the middle of the left side of the front page under the "membership" tab.

Feel free to contact any of our Officers in game, or PM me if you have any questions.

GM: Facetious
Raid Lead: Ashmedai
Cleric Lead: Chanalia
Rogue Lead: Shikamari
Warrior Lead: Kawatora
Mage Lead: Jib