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Thread: Warrior Tank LF Guild

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    Default Warrior Tank LF Guild

    Names Archo. I'll probably be moving to Laeyths in a few days or so once I settle out with my current guild on Wolfsbane. 5/11 HK cleared, with 7/11 experience (grug and King: know fights but have yet to clear.) 6/7 piece HK geared (1 relic) MT/OT + full water sigil.

    I'm looking for an AUS/Pacific timed guild because I live/work in South Korea (lag is bad on wolfs from SK.) The only hours I cannot raid are 11:30-6:30 server time (yeah, I work nights.) I'm online all the time and am dedicated as long as the loot council is fair, the leaders are just and, the experience is good (plz no DKP guilds.) Willing to work with fresh HK guilds to help with progression, or Aky cleared guilds if they will have me.

    Let me know if we are a good match.

    P.S. Also have Rogue bard/dps and Archon ready mage toons willing to work for your guild.
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