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Thread: Looking for a guild

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    Default Looking for a guild

    Hi, I'm looking to get into Rift raiding and am in need of a guild. I have a ton of raiding experience in multiple games starting with EverQuest back in 1999 and continuing on from there.

    I work nights and have to log around 9:30pm EST so I'm hoping to find a guild that raids a bit early and wraps it up before then.

    Suppose I should mention my main atm is a Rogue, but I'm not opposed to swapping for the right guild.
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    Default Mead Garden a friendly casual raid guild staffing up to progress to 20-man raids!

    Hi Fanyen,

    I am an officer of Mead Garden, a Defiant guild on the Faeblight server that is recruiting to staff up/gear up for 20-man raids. We currently run 10-man raids (Drowned Halls and Guilded Prophecy), t2/expert level dungeons, master mode dungeons, expert/raids rifts, PvP warfronts, etc. We're exploring essentially all aspects of the end game. Also, we have a lot of very cool, MMO-experienced people in the guild, and we have a lot of fun together. It's really the best guild I've been part of in Rift.

    We currently raid on Thursdays and Sundays from 7-10:30pm Eastern Standard Time, and we're currently looking for more dps (we like rogues!) I did see in your post that you need to log off at 9:30pm Eastern time. This would likely be okay for Thursdays, but I wanted to check on whether you could commit to raiding during the full time on Sundays.

    I would also comment that it looks like you're "timed" quite well for us, meaning that it sounds like you're just getting into raiding, and the guild is early in our raid progression. So you won't feel far behind when it comes to our raiding approach.

    To that point, I would like to comment on our approach to raiding. Mead Garden is a "no spoiler" guild, meaning that we do not use internet strat guides, youtube, etc. We treat each raid boss as if we're the first on the shard to engage it. This is the main reason why I am part of Mead Garden. We seek out our own solutions, and we're very successful in this regard. I don't know if you've ever used this approach before, but I'll tell you, it is an absolute blast to work with a team to figure out how to beat the boss, and then execute our plan and take him/her/it down! True adventures! I have included at the bottom of this email some more information on the "no spoiler" approach from our guild leader, Phujo.

    Now that I've told you a little bit about the guild, I would like to ask you some questions that would be relevant for the guild:

    1. Does the guild profile fit with what you're looking for?

    2. How often do you play? During what times in the Eastern time zone?

    3. Is raiding important to you? If so, would you be able to commit to attending raids during the above mentioned days/times (with the recognized exception of post-9:30pm on Thursdays)

    4. How do you expect that you will continue improving your character, if at all?

    5. What's your feeling about the "no spoiler" approach to raiding? Although we feel that this is one of the unique benefits of Mead Garden, we also know that it's not for everyone. Please let me know if this matches with your needs.

    6. Do you have any questions for me?

    Thanks for reading this, Fanyen. I look forward to hearing from you,

    Gaieon (in-game: Pryss, Becheral, or Valkyrin)

    As alluded to above, here's some additional information from our guild leader, Phujo:

    Faeblight - No Spoilers Raiding Guild <Mead Garden> Recruiting

    We currently raid on Thursdays and Sundays from 7-10:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

    We enjoy the game by approaching encounters with unconventional solutions. In an otherwise straightforward and repetitive genre, we find enjoyment by doing things differently. Generally, our philosophy can be summed up by the following: It's the Journey, Not the Destination.

    We derive our enjoyment from problem-solving and playing -well-, and insist that overcoming each raid encounter be a milestone to be proud of. We see each encounter as a puzzle, with the development of a strategy, employment of raid resources, and the execution of the fight as the solution. Essentially, we instance and raid for the thrill and enjoyment of collaborative puzzle solving. Gear facilitates advancement, not the other way around.

    In order to preserve an environment that allows this style of raiding, we have a few inflexible ground-rules:

    * Spoilers and Guides are NOT Welcome! Wiping a few times in an effort to completely understand an encounter and arrive at our own solution is preferable to blindly executing a pre-canned "Strat de jour." If we arrive at the same solution, that's fine. The point is to get there on our own merit, skill, and problem solving abilities (note: watching YouTube videos is not a "problem solving ability").
    * Concepts of "Traditional" Class Roles Stifle our style. While we accept that this is, to some extent, a class-based game, a solution is considered "Way Awesomer" if it involves a player doing unconventional things.
    * Quality Over Quantity. We're committed to progressing through the game together, and would like you to join us. The pace won't be breakneck, but we're more interested in a fun experience that emphasizes camaraderie and quality play. For us, the content is the same whether it's experienced now or later. Doing it first isn't what interests us; our satisfaction derives from solving it ourselves at whatever pace is necessary to do so.

    If this sounds good, we'd like very much to meet you.


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