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Thread: <One Point Twenty One Gigawatts> on Silkweb

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    Default <One Point Twenty One Gigawatts> on Silkweb

    We're a laid-back Defiant guild on the Silkweb server. Due to the alarming popularity of SWTOR, we are now open for new members that want to help fellow guild members gear up as well as join us in our progression through the halls of HammerKnell.

    While raiding is our prize winning brew, we like to experience all aspects of the game, especially amongst a friendly community

    We're 5:30 (server time) for raids, suicide kings for loot (http://www.wowwiki.com/Suicide_Kings ), Ventrilo for voice chat, and Marty McFly on guitar. Run T1 raids Wed/Thurs and T2 raids Fri/Sat.

    GSB/ROS conqueror
    2/4 ROTP
    7/11 HK

    We're looking for folks that are 18+, have a good attitude, and like to joke around while downing internet dragons. As stated before, due to some members switching games, we are currently looking for the following:
    Off tank Rogues
    Healing Clerics (This is our most sought after class to bring in)
    DPS or Tank Warriors

    So if you're still interested at this point, leave your religion, politics, seriousness, and bad vibes at the door (as well as the $5.00 cover charge) and come on in for shenanigans. Either hit us up in game (PST Nborohka / BamBamm/ IsaacFluno) or the website (http://121gigawatts.guildlaunch.com)
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