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Thread: Bastion 10/11 is recruiting for HK/ID

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    Default Bastion 10/11 is recruiting for HK/ID


    Bastion Website

    About Bastion

    Bastion is a Eastern US Guild based in the game Rift: Planes of Telara. Bastion is a Defiant Guild based on the Wolfsbane (PVE) Server. Bastion's goal is to establish itself within the world of Telara and create a extraordinary place for members to enjoy their stay in Telara.

    Bastion is a goal oriented Guild that enjoys PVP, Instance running, and Raids. We strive to do our best in all aspects of the game. We will help when help is needed, but we will not hold your hand and power level you.

    Above all else Bastion's primary objective is to ensure a strong, mature, and quality environment for its members. We are more of a Family based casual to Semi-hardcore people, just looking to have some fun after a long days work.

    We also realize that real life problems do happen and you may need to leave quickly, this is fine. Things happen, problems arise and we hope everything is all right.

    ** Must be 18+ age **


    If you are leveling up and would like to join us, our door is open to having all Levels, Classes and Specs. We are always looking to have new people in the guild to fill our ranks, and grow with us.


    Currently we are 4/4 GP, 4/4 DH, 5/5 GSB, 4/4 ROS, 4/4 ROTP, and 10/11 HK as of this post. . If you are looking to raid with us there are some classes/specs we need and don't need at this time. You may still apply and get in. It just might take some time to fit you in. We are currently raiding 7 pm server time to 9-10 pm 5 nights a week (Friday and Tuesday are down days). Looting system that we use is EP/GP.

    We thank every one for taking the time to read our recruitment page, and we wish all the other guilds the best of luck playing Rift. We hope to hear from some new members soon. Please feel free to contact Ludi, Kingderp, Vale, or Merce in game for more information.

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    Hey Vale :>

    Recruiting is now closed! Thanks for your interest, but our raid slots are full. Feel free to contact us anyway if you'd like.
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