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Thread: New to the Server

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    Hello, I have just transferred to this server from Lagwood Looking for a casual guild that does not center around raiding but rather looks to have fun in other areas with its members. I am a mature player (40Y/O) that just wants to enjoy my time here in Rift. I enjoy dungeon running, rift busting, and PVP but I have little to no interest in raids. Currently I have a 50 mage (DPS), 50 rogue (DPS), and 50 cleric (tank). Are there any casual guilds out there that may be interested in me?

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    If you don't believe swearing is the end all, be all of language, check out Mendors of the Rift! We are friendly and do CASUAL raiding. Just ping Angrymuff or Ishtari while in game. Ask about us in 50 chat, even.
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