I'm Yndrofian, Guild Leader of the Order of the Silver Dragon. We are Level 14 guild looking to fill our numbers to run full guild 20-man raids. We run Drowned Halls and Guildied Prophecy weekly. Our DH/GP run is currently from 8.30-12am (if needed) EST on friday nights. We also have about the same time frame scheduled for sat night as well and usually run master modes, crafting rifts, group quests, raid rifts, etc....

We run the 20mans with our Allied guild, The Omniscient, are working on RotP and plan to soon delve into HK.

We need to refill our ranks due to RL losses and SWToR/GW2. We'd be more than happy to teach you the instances if you're ready to run them, but just haven't yet. Of course, just because we need healers and tanks doesnt mean we won't take you anyway .
A little bit about us...

We are looking for people to join not just our guild, but our community. We greatly value our forums and all its resources, especially the event calendar.

We started as a Gaming Community in early '06 with the (beta testing) and release of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Since then we have branched out and established guilds in Age of Conan, Star Wars the Old Republic, Second Life, Lord of the Rings Online, soon to be Guild Wars 2, and of course Rift.

We don’t endorse mass recruitment, or “blind recruiting” in any way, shape or form. Numbers, frankly, are far less important to us than the quality of the people around us.
I believe the most critical thing I can tell you at this point is that we value our online community. Communication is key. Our online forums are the core and heart of this organization. There will be a day, a time, and an age when this game or that will fade away into oblivion, but as we see it the Order will remain…. This is not just a “Gaming Guild.” You are joining a community of peers and friends.

We just started recruiting again and are looking for any skill level, calling/class, or experience level of player as long as they are mature and share our passion for fun gaming with friends. While we will take any level player, I feel you must be made aware that the vast majority of the guild's members are 50's and you may find yourself a bit 'group-less' until you hit the mid-high 40's. Most of us are 'older' people with full time jobs and families and understand that RL comes first.

Feel free pm here or to browse our website @ www.silverdragons-lair.net

Be well,