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Thread: HK geared mage looking for raids

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    Default HK geared mage looking for raids

    I am Merllin as known as Galan on RIFT I have 1600 spell power, 350 focus, I am usually on at 5/6 central time on Saturdays (reply for more info).

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    Who we are:

    We are a mature guild seeking a few more raiders who enjoy to progress as a guild and get some end game loot. We are seeking all class/spec who want to raid in an active guild. We are willing to help out all of our members and teach them the fights.

    What we do:

    We are seeking raiders who are interested to progress in all 20/10 man instances. We run our raids @ 6pm - 10pm (pacific) on Weds to Mon.

    Faction: Guardian (Pacific Time) 6pm
    Shard: Faeblight
    Web: http://frontliners.enjin.com

    Guild Progression:

    7/11 HK
    3/4 Rotp
    5/5 GSB and ROS
    4/4 DH and GP

    Send me a tell in-game or pm me here. Saturnx - Frontliners (US)

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    Default raid

    Drowned Halls: 4/4
    Gilded prophecy: 4/4
    River of Souls: 5/5
    Greenscale: 5/5
    Rise of the Phoenix: 2/4

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