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Thread: 17th Advance Sanctuary Guard- Join the Fight!

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    Default 17th Advance Sanctuary Guard- Join the Fight!

    Hello Faeblight! Under the direction of Captain Remissus, a new Guild is taking the fight to the Defiant. We are looking for more folks to sign up so we can get the ball rolling on this great concept RP-PvP Guild. We've had a slight snag in that Remissus has been dealing with Real Life issues and has been a bit unavailable. I'm helping out to keep the dream alive for the moment. I can be reached In Game under the name Tharpe and can also be reached here in PM for any questions. Also check out our website for further info. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!!


    Name and Purpose
    Tag Name: Sanctuary Guard
    IC Name: 17th Advance Sanctuary Guard

    Motto: "Power without justice is meaningless, but justice without power is equally so."

    OOC Purpose: A guild for Roleplayers who enjoy civil PvP, both in Warfronts and World PvP. Guild will have a weekly program for group warfronts, in addition to world PvP alongside IC 'campaigns' roleplayed in Defiant territory.

    IC Purpose: The 17th Advance Sanctuary Guard is Sanctum's eyes and ears in enemy territory. Based out of a camp in Scarlet Gorge, the role of the 17th Guardsman is one of the spear, not the shield; Instead of defending as the typical Guard unit does, the 17th is almost always on the attack.

    While participation in events is highly recommended, I will never discount a player for having to put the real world first. This is a game afterall; And these things are here to be enjoyed, not a chore!

    - Weekly 'campaigns' in Defiant Territory!
    In the roleplayed form of an IC dispatchment to various locations within enemy lands, we will have a time set aside once a week to all get together and seek out Defiants to challenge in world PvP.

    - Weekly group WF runs!
    Once a week, we will have the guild get together for an afternoon or so of back to back warfronts! These will help build group strategy and create bonding between our members.

    - RP get togethers!
    On no particular schedule, by which I mean as often as possible, we'll RP lighter stuff such as off-duty time at various taverns throughout Telara or other less militaristic events.

    Hierarchy and Rank Structure:

    Advancement within the team's rank structure would require two things:
    A) Active participation in the guild's IC engagements, to warrant the promotion
    B) The Prestige Rank required to bear the title of said rank

    The highest officer rank in the guild, held only by three players who each hold a specific jurisdiction; Namely- Commanding Officer, Head Tactician, and Head Trainer.

    Lieutenant(Grades 1 ~ 3)
    The junior officer rank. Given to players who exhibit excellent leadership qualities in both PvP engagements and roleplay. Very few players will be granted this rank. IC and OOC is allowed to take command if a ranking officer is not present. Are expected to possess an acute understanding of how to play their class and role. Are given a grade of 1 to 3 depending on skill and IC factors.

    The highest of the grunt ranks. Given to players who are active in their participation of guild RP and PvP events.

    The standard grunt rank, denoting a full member of the team. Given to players that are level 50, and have fully met the guild's joining requirements.

    The lowest grunt rank, denoting a recently joined character or one who is not yet level 50. Has restricted access to guild facilities.

    Free Auxiliary
    Outside the standard hierarchy; This rank is reserved for roleplayers who wish to be involved with the guild but are not PvPers. Appropriate characters for this rank are supporting roles such as the family of Guardsman, camp cooks, and any civilian role that might have reason to accompany the unit.

    Charter and Code of Conduct

    I, a member of the 17th Sanctuary Guard, do hereby declare and promise to uphold the following ideals to the best of my ability, in order to be a positive citizen of the Faeblight community and in the wider PvP community.

    I promise to maintain a cool head during PvP, and remember that this is just a game in the end. While I want to win, and will try my very best to do so, I will not resort to personal attacks on my opponents in chat or on the forums, irregardless of if they choose to do so.

    I promise to do my part to keep the RP community's spirit, by encouraging roleplay in the game world whenever possible and by participating in it whenever able. While I will not engage in roleplay during warfronts for the simple sake of practicality, I will also promise to integrate world PvP into my roleplaying with the guild whenever possible.

    I promise to do my part to keep the wider Faeblight community's spirit by keeping my actions in the public chat channels civil and within reason. I also promise to never intentionally troll, nor encourage or abide trolling in any form.

    And finally, I swear to uphold and stand by my guildmates; To encourage and better them; and to ensure that the whole guild is enjoying their time in the game as much as possible.
    Thundersson- 60 Rogue,
    Raverstyx- 60 Mage
    Tharpe- 60 Warrior
    Faeblight server

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    Even though Remi is missing in action, I've been looking at ways to increase our guild's participation in PvP, if possible.

    To that end, I would be very curious to know how many of you are around that were interested in this idea. I've a few members interested in group PvP and would like to do everything possible to see their dreams fulfilled!

    Most of my creative and RP efforts are currently directed at an ongoing storyline in the works, but I think a great place to start would be to get people who were interested in RP-driven PvP, meet up one night, and perhaps just beat on some warfronts.
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