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Thread: Nocturnal Souls Looking for a few more raiders

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    Default Nocturnal Souls Looking for a few more raiders

    Nocturnal Souls has been around since the dawn of time... or at least the dawn of the MMO. Starting back in Everquest, we have always maintained the philosophy of "do more with less". We pride ourselves in finding players that are dedicated, loyal, and above all, skilled. We thrive on defeating encounters with strategy, and dedication .

    We are currently looking for a few more dedicated raiders to finalize our roster, in our ongoing push threw HK 5/11 and soon to be 6/11 .

    Our raid times are from
    Mon 7 pm est to 10 pm est HK 4 pm ST to 7 pm ST
    Wed 7 PM est to 10 pm est HK
    Thurs 7 pm est to 10 pm est HK
    Fri 10 mans
    Sun Rotp nights

    Gsb Complete
    Ros complete
    HK 5/11
    Gp Complete
    Dh Complete
    Rotp 2/4

    Plz send me a pm or a in game tell to Grishnor,Tortelvus, Mastron

    Nocturnal Souls

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    Hello Mastron, assuming you remember me from the other night of expert runs. hit me up if you happen to see this.

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