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Thread: Mage LF 6/11+ guild

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    Default Mage LF 6/11+ guild

    Mage Aky ready. willing to play any role. available raid times are Sunday-Wednesday, sometimes Thursday starting somewhere between 4 and 6 server. I live eastern so of course an eastern guild would be ideal. currently on wolfsbane if you want to check me out yourself. have vent/mumble if you would rather pull me into that. I am NOT looking for an 'eletist' guild. I would rather have slower progression and have fun with the people than grind endlessly for everything BiS and have no personal life though i have no issue with putting in some time upping my gear a bit more i will not farm for days to get 1 piece

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    Check out Nightmares Asylum on Seastone! narift.guildlaunch.com We currently have two raid teams in HK: group 1 is 11/11 and group 2 is 9/11. We are specifically recruiting a mage who knows how and likes to Archon.

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    I sent you a PM!

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