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Thread: Gnils (with a silent G) looking for beginner HK guild (or something close)

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    Default Gnils (with a silent G) looking for beginner HK guild (or something close)

    Copied and pasted from the official LFG post:

    Character Name: Gnils

    Calling and Souls: Rogue

    Level: 50


    Bard Support
    Marksman DPS
    Rifstalker Tank (kinda weak still)
    Assassin/Riftstalker/Bladedancer Grinding Spec

    What are your favorite activities in Rift?

    Raiding, instances, rifts, invasions

    What times and days do you usually play Rift?

    5:30ish to 10ish server time (Pacific)

    What are you looking for in a Rift guild?

    Raiding, friendship, entertainment

    What else would you like prospective guilds to know about you?:

    Used to raid very seriously in WoW and before that FFXI.

    I have 320+ Hit, can do 1600+ DPS self buffed, and still working on gearing up and looking for a guild that is entry level HK or close to it. Have a source engine with four 100 ISS lessers and a Predatory greater. Working towards a good bard and tanking one as well.

    In a few weeks of being 50 I've learned all the encounters up to Murdantix, Matron and Sicaron. I'm not looking to struggle on content that most PUGs can do easily and I have little patience for failure after my past successes in endgame content. I like progression but not when when it's on PUGable content.
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    If no takers, could anyone recommend any good plat or pug runs that run on a regular basis?

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    ````````````` Please take a look at our guild


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