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Thread: Covenant of the Phoenix (10/11 HK) <Briarcliff> needs a couple of great mages

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    Default Covenant of the Phoenix (10/11 HK) <Briarcliff> needs a couple of great mages

    Covenant of the Phoenix is a Defiant 10/11 guild on Briarcliff and we need a couple of great players for Ayklios (and later Infernal Dawn) progression. We have been on Briarcliff since the game launch and are Guild Level 20 with all the PvP and Raid Perks.

    Some specifics for those that might be interested.
    - We raid HK Thursday, Friday and Tuesday from 8pm Server - 11pm Server - our raid schedule
    - We also do RotP on Wed nights, and as needed GSB/ROS/GP/DH depending on inclination and demand
    - We use Mumble (voice chat is mandatory for raids)
    - We use a modified Suicide Kings loot system
    - As a HK raider you need to have 320 hit/focus and 120+ water resist

    When it comes to raiding we value people who are relaxed and great at their classes, those that are flexible with roles and who enjoy the game are the company we seek out. I think that the guild culture is one of fairness, fun and a strong desire to succeed at the more challenging aspects that the game has to offer.

    So if you are looking for a change and are wanting to experience the end game of Rift shoot me a PM here on the forums or in-game and let's chat!
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    1up! nice post birdie......

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    Still looking for mages? Trying to post on the site, and although registration is complete, I can't seem to post in the application thread.
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    Default chrolo looking for a home

    5/7 hk gear chrolo looking for a home 370+focus and 120 water belt built prefer healing but can archon as well i dont dps as well as i heal but i can heal my *** off

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