Soul Master is a raiding Guild focused in steady solid progression. Nice group of very skilled raiders. We are open to all ideas and while focused on PvE raiding we plan to keep a healthy PvP community and many Casual Players to keep everyone's playtime active and fun.
We are currently looking to fill the following positions:
1 HK ready Healing Cleric preferably one that has mastered ward/sent healing.
2 HK ready DPS Warriors, may be requested to tank, ask for more info on that topic.
1 Hk ready do it all Cleric
HK ready =Must have Water sigil for Akylios and 3/4+ HK armor set.

We are looking for PvP focused players who are looking to make their home in a PvE shard and would like to make part of the ever growing community that is "Soul Master".

While Soul Master is very strict on who gets to call themselves part of our progression raid our doors are open to all players raiders or not, if you are a casual player weather it is 4 hours a week or 1 hour a day, we have a place for you in our community, if what you like is to help your friends but not fond of raids, there are incentives to that aswell.

To Guilds that are breaking up for one reason or the other, here in Soul Master we are also open to the idea of starting a 2nd solid 20man raid so if your remaining group still has its devoted Raid Leader and you are open to a merge and Lead your own raid under the Soul Master name, send me a /tell and we can talk more about it.

For more detailed info send me a /tell ingame to Proxeneta or pm me here in the forums.

Our site link its in my signature.